scaled agile

Having an idea of where we are going and how we might get there is always useful.

This speaks to a need to have a strategy in place for how we will implement agile, lean-agile and devOps, and a roadmap that shows us the important deliverables along the way, so we have something to manage to.

Of course, in true agile fashion, we may trim our course as we discover new information, and this flexibility to inspect and adapt must also be built into the programme.

Our website presents a smorgasbord of options for any organisation to move forward with in transformation.

As well as providing the awareness, training, and coaching, we can assist with the development of programmes, fitted to the needs of the organisation. We can help to create and implement these strategies, and if desired provide the direction or quality assurance of such programmes.

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For many years it was believed that agile was a framework that was well suited for organisations that were small or simple in the nature of their offerings and technology platforms, but for larger and complex industrial age companies it was argued that agile did not fit the bill.

A concept known as two-speed IT even gained some short-lived momentum as people tried to find ways around the dilemma; this notion, of having different parts of the business running at different speeds, has now been debunked.

But we still face the challenge of how to manage highly complex, layered technology platforms, in a reality where customers just don’t care about how hard it is.  They expect to have the same instant, always-on, and high-quality service from every organisation as that which they get from the likes of Amazon and Netflix.

This challenge has been accepted and addressed by the scaled agile movement. 

The scaled agile framework or SAFe® (also referred to as Lean-Agile) provides a freely revealed knowledge base of proven, integrated patterns for implementing Lean-Agile development. It provides comprehensive guidance for work at the Portfolio, Large Solution, Program, and Team Levels which can be adopted and used out of the box by organisations.

If you fit the picture of a large organisation, with multiple and complex layers of technology, spread across multiple units and silos, then SAFe® is designed to address the challenges you face, and provides the frameworks to effectively deliver business value better and faster.

There is no need - and indeed it is counterproductive to do so - to invent or hybridise bespoke frameworks; global and referenced best practice exists, and is under continuous improvement via a global community of thought leaders and practitioners.

SAFe® is that framework of globally referenced proven best practice, flexible to a level where it can be fitted to the needs of any organisation operating agile at scale.

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Session content:

  • What it takes to operate agile at scale
  • The SAFe® value proposition
  • How SAFe® cuts through siloes
  • How SAFe® works for shaping and engineering of work
  • Implementing SAFe®

Transforming in the New Economy demands implementing Lean, Agile and DevOps concepts at scale.

The original approaches to small scale agile development have an emphasis on informality; form up some agile teams, endow them with autonomy and the ability to self-organise, and productivity results will spontaneously appear. 

In small shops where everyone is genuinely in the same room, this works.

For large scale IT operations with long established hierarchies and divisional silos, it does not - as many organisations have learned to their dismay.

To operate at scale requires an understanding and recognition of the fundamental constraints in the system that are inhibiting better and faster outcomes, and then having a strategy and roadmap for determining and implementing a means to address them.

We are now at a level of maturity where we understand that the components of this transformation come from Lean, applied to IT, and are based around operating Agile and DevOps at scale, not as artisan work places.

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