State of DevOps

The State of DevOps report reflects continuing difficulties with adoption by most companies

The State of DevOps 2018 report is now available. This is the current edition of a long-running survey that is now in its fifth year. Page 20 has the metrics comparison for the last three years (see graphic)

Last year (2017) we saw lower performing companies dramatically increasing both frequency of release and cycle time (lead time for changes), but at the expense of bloated times to recover systems and increased change failure rates. This suggested that in the period 2016-17, companies focused on going faster (automation) with a significant cost in terms of quality and stability (better)

The 2018 report supports a continuance in decrease in performance by low performers. 

  • Deployment frequencies have been maintained, but lead times for changes have gone through the roof
  • Mean times to recover are in what can only be viewed as a disastrous situation having blown out to thousands of times longer
  • Change failure rates have continued to increase

This is further evidence that the industrial age focus on ‘faster-cheaper’ is still in place in many companies, and is not providing us with the outcomes we are seeking – even as we seek to implement devOps in our organisations.

Until we understand that we must seek quality, resilience and then flow, before pushing for speed and cost benefits, then we will continue to leave corporate blood on the floor.  At present, and until that understanding is obtained, the situation appears to be getting worse not better.

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The full report is available at this URL (requries registration) or download a cached copy here