Public Courses

Strategy is understood, what we need now is to execute

We have moved past the point where organisations need to be analysing or discussing the situation that is facing us;  most organisations are now clear on the need to transform, and what we need next is the knowledge that enables us to do so.

Relying on the tools and approaches from past revolutions to guide us is not a response that has worked particularly well. To succeed in the new economy we need to train ourselves and our teams in the mindsets and approaches of the new way.

Are you struggling with seeing the benefits of change?

You are not alone, results from the State of DevOps reporting shows that companies worldwide are stuggling. The good news is that the way forward is known, and the way is in training and alignment.

To help address the gap between strategy and execution, Visionate is now offering public training courses that provide practical and effective skills to targeted roles in the organisation. These courses are designed to give a genuine boost in effectiveness, as well as aligning the organisation behind common themes and approaches, organised to deliver customer value, better and faster.   

All our service offerings are backed up by global reference models and accreditations. We are offering a mix of weekday and weekend courses to suit busy schedules and the needs of independents.

Check out the sub-menus to see what training courses are available. Based on the phenomenal popularity of our free-to-market exam training quizzes, we are starting off with Scaled Agile (SAFe) courses, and will be expanding to other accreditation bodies quickly as we tie down the various accreditation details.

For more information contact our chief coach, Pete, on +64 21 186 8664, or