Understanding the Landscape: Agile, lean-agile, devOps Foundation

Are you looking to get your team going with a transformation to agile, lean-agile, or devOps?

Before embarking on a training and rollout of these concepts, it is useful and effective to have everyone aligned on shared basic concepts and frameworks, speaking together with the same vocabulary, and to have addressed concerns about any perceived negative effects such a transformation might have on individual roles.

This introductory four-hour workshop is a wide ranging survey over lean, lean-agile and devOps, how the concepts interrelate, and how they mesh with traditional project based approaches to shaping work.  

By the end of this introductory four-hour workshop your people will have this alignment in place, they will be more effective through a shared understanding of terminology and they will have built awareness and desire for a move into your transformational programme.

For more information contact info@visionate.co.nz, or give a call to our chief coach, Pete, on +64 21 186 8664

Workshop content:

  • The end game for Agile-Lean-DevOps, what is the payoff?
  • How IT System capability is affected by change
  • The importance of resilience over reliability
  • The DevOps approach
  • Levers we can pull and relative effects
  • Concept: Shaping versus Engineering
  • Concept: Work Types
  • Concept: The line of Ready
  • Above, below and left of the line classifications
  • The DevOps Mindset – Collaboration
  • Batch theory and the theory of constraints
  • Concept: Shifting left
  • Continuous working
  • Alignment with Agile
  • Role of DevOps in the overall IT function



Saturday, September 8, 2018 - 14:54