State of Devops 2019

The State of DevOps 2019 report shows painful realities are biting home, but hope is in sight.

The DORA State of DevOps 2019 report has now been out for some time. This is the current edition of a long-running survey that is now in its sixth year.

The document reports on 4 key metrics every year and it is interesting to map them through time. Together with the information provided in the report itself it is possible to extrapolate causes for the results we are seeing.

Over the last three reporting periods we have seen a worsening picture of organisations facing increasing quality issues as they move to adopt DevOps.

Although companies have achieved dramatic increases in the speed and frequency of deployment ('faster' metrics more positive), the corresponding measures for mean time to recover, and change failure rates are reflecting a picture of widespread issues with quality ('better' metrics more negative). 

It makes sense that if we have a failure rate at a certain percentage, say 1 issue per change, then, if we are simply pushing change faster, without taking concomitant steps to increase quality, then that—on its own—is going to cause a higher frequency of failure and stretch companies ability to handle change..

But the metrics show a picture even worse than that, with a double whammy of a decrease in quality at the same time as an increase in the frequency of shipping of change. This results in even more issues in production; you could call it a perfect storm.