SAFe POPM Practice Questions

Welcome to the quiz for the POPM exam in the Scaled Agile Framework

The POPM exam in Scaled Agile tests for understanding in the activities, tools and mechanics necessary to guide the delivery of value in a Lean Enterprise.  This targeted quiz provides an advanced path to helping develop understanding in this area.

Versus simply reading material on the Scaled Agile Framework, the most effective way to learn is by answering questions; when that is also coupled with contextual research on the freely revealed material available on the Scaled Agile website, the uptake in understanding is even better.  Our method will do more than help you pass the exam, it will help you deepen your understanding of the Framework, and improve how you can use it in your daily work to dramatically improve effectiveness.

All you've got to do is run the questions in this quiz, and when you have finished, review the results. In most cases we have provided explanations of the answers, and links back to the relevant material on the Scaled Agile website

  • This Quiz has 10 questions in a set to provide faster feedback for your learning specifically in the aera of POPM
  • The quiz randomly selects from the same question bank of over 100 questions and you can run it repeatedly to receive a different question set each time
  • If you are looking for a wider question set (over 300 questions), you can use the menus to select the general quiz sets we have available for SAFe(r) 

Best wishes and good luck in helping everyone be BETTER FASTER

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