Launching Agile-Lean-DevOps teams

The basic building block of any organisation that is performing agile at scale is squads or teams that use agile scrum to deliver valuable features better and faster.

Once you have determined the nature of the stable agile teams you want to assemble, the next step is to get all those people into the same mindset and practices of the framework that will be applied.

In our introductory workshops we engender the awareness and desire to be engaged in the transformation, but although the old adage says ‘the willingness is all…’, on its own – willingness alone does not deliver the best results; it also takes knowledge and ability.

It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best. W. Edwards Deming

So these one-day pre-launch workshops are designed to build on that awareness and desire, and to provide an inoculation of knowledge and ability to your teams, so they can make a running start into the new way of working together differently; and by repetition and practice of a shared framework, work together towards mastery, better and faster.

These workshops are conducted using globally validated material on agile-scrum. It is fully referenced, comprehensive and aligned to best practices and thought leaders in agile and lean-agile. Every aspect of scrum is covered, including roles, responsibilities, events, artefacts and the few but critically important rules.

By the end of it, interested members of teams will be in a position, with a bit of self-study and use of online question sets, to realistically sit and pass the professional scrum master certification, should they want to do so.  

(Note: This workshop removes the need to put your team individually through expensive CSM/PSM courses. However, due to limited time, to keep costs down, and because not everyone will want to study towards certification, the exam itself is not part of the workshop schedule. ).

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Workshop content:

  • Transformation context
    • Why are organisations moving so quickly towards agile, lean-agile and devOps?
    • The challenge and opportunity for engineering, operations and security roles
  • Context: Waterfall, agile, lean-agile and devOps
    • Value proposition – agile
    • Predictive versus adaptive project approaches
    • How agile deals with complexity
    • Agile manifesto and principles (brief survey)
      • adjustments to operate agile at scale
    • Mind set and practices – leading with cultural change
    • Concept: framework thinking
    • Concept: Joint Accountability and Peer Accountability
    • Communities in agile and their different approaches
    • Original agile
    • Scaled agile
    • DevOps
  • Agile scrum deep dive (major part of the day)
    • Artefacts
    • Events
    • Roles
    • The few but critical rules
  • How agile team members can help in transforming the organisation


Saturday, February 3, 2018 - 07:40