What does the corporation of the 2020s look like?

Moving into the next decade, organisations are challenged to fundamentally change the way they operate. The corporation of the 2020s has an identifiable footprint, which is very different from that of today

In 1991 MIT published a book that described how companies from the 1990s would substantially change in terms of how they used IT. It was called 'The Corporation of the 1990s'

In the 1990s (they said) corporations would move away from point technology  solutions, deployed in corners of the business, carrying out specific functions, and would move towards a situation where internal systems were more and more integrated, allowing companies to evolve and improve their offerings and eventually to reach a ‘revolutionary’ threshold where business models could be re-invented.

This predication has come to pass. 

We live in a world today where the picture painted by MIT researchers in 1991 is commonplace, and the revolutionary aspect that they foresaw has had its effect amplified by something those researchers did not fully envisage, the reach of supercomputing to personal devices that are routinely carried with us every minute of the day.

Business models around the world are under assault by successive waves of digital disruption, the frequency and amplitude of which are both rising.

These effects are far reaching on organisations, and fundamentally challenge the pre-existing industrial age models that we currently labour under.

The Corporation of the 2020’s is a company that operates more like a family business than an industrial concern, where objectives are set for the long term, not the next financial year, where every person works together for the good of the organisation - and is rewarded on that basis, not on individual measures - where joint and peer accountability is routine , and where fear and defensiveness has been driven out of the culture, from the top to the bottom.

Where ever there is fear, we get the wrong information 

Sound like a fairy tale?  It is acknowledged that the radical change that is occuring in the world simply cannot be met by existing - industrial age - cultural models.

The world's leading companies are already living this new reality - today - and by tomorrow, if our competitors are moving to it, then we need to as well - only better and faster.

Clearly, this is not trivial, it requires a fundamental change in culture at an executive and senior management level, firstly to understand what is needed, then to know how to do it, and then to lead the change. 

Change is not compulsory; neither is survival

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*Quotes from W.Edwards Deming, "Out of the Crisis", 1987
Wednesday, August 29, 2018 - 19:58