Coaching in Agile, Lean-Agile and DevOps

Mastery comes from repetition and practice of shared frameworks.

The approach to gaining mastery is the same for everyone, whether we are speaking of executive roles in the organisation, or the most technical of technical engineers.  To begin with, there must be a recognition and willingness to adopt change; That is why our workshops start with building Awareness and Desire, first.

Once people are ready to change, they need Knowledge; that is where our role targeted workshops come in. 

And once they have knowledge they will need to work the globally referenced frameworks to gain mastery; this comes from starting to work in the new ways, informed by the knowledge they have acquired.

These frameworks exist - they is no need to invent,rebadge, rename or hybridize; doing so is not useful, and actually counter productive.  That doesn't meant that we have to adopt these frameworks wholesale and all at once.  They can be fitted and rolled out at the pace the organisation can move at. 

Learning these existing reference frameworks, and working them in our daily lives is the road to mastery.

Agile coaching is the process where the road towards mastery is supported and reinforced.  Visionate agile coaching is a service that engages with workers where they live, participating, observing and providing immediate feedback in the workplace; accelerating the achievement of mastery, the pace of transformation, and the speed to get to benefit.

Our agile and devops coaching services cover the full range of roles, from executive governance through all shaping, engineering, and operational roles, and we can engage with you on either a full time or part time basis.

For more information contact, or give Pete, our chief coach, a call on +64 21 186 8664

Saturday, November 10, 2018 - 14:26