Agile, Lean-Agile, and DevOps, Training and Coaching

Concerned about pace or outcomes?

agile/devOps efforts not moving ahead smoothly, or just finding it difficult to get going?

Doing business at scale requires insights and judgement beyond what a small and simple organisation can get away with.  For complex organisations, we have the genuine experience and expertise to help initiate or re-baseline and accelerate your agile and devOps programs.  

We are not an agile and devOps training company, we are seasoned practitioners in agile and devOps at scale, with training programmes targeted pragmatically for transformation.  We understand your challenges and can assist you with addressing them.

Wherever you are in the timeline, we can help.

Whether you are just starting out - looking for awareness building with your team - or are in full flight and want to take it to the next level of ability, mastery and reinforcement, we have training and coaching offerings that can help.

Our workshop offerings are designed to target the key roles that form part of the transformation to the new way of working; they can be undertaken as individual events or as part of an integrated programme.

For more details of individual workshops, please select from the submenu items or give our Chief coach, Pete, a call, on +64 21 186 8664

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