Getting work to READY with Agile Business Analysis

For a little while, the advent of agile seemed to imply a destruction of the traditional business analyst role. 

The enthusiasm that accompanied the notion of “t-shaping” individuals away from being specialist and towards being generalists seemed to indicate a death-knell for traditional business analysis.

As we have gained more experience with performing adaptive delivery at scale we have found the opposite to be the case.  In every organisation that starts to implement agile at scale, it becomes very clear, very quickly, that the business analyst role has become even more critical. 

As Business Analysts we are already trained and knowledgeable in how to consultatively elicit and refine requirements from our business stakeholders. In a scaled agile environment our stakeholders are now vastly expanded, and it is we that have the key responsibility for ensuring engineering effectiveness through work that meets the definition of READY.

Our intensive one-day workshop is designed to enable Business Analysts with the insights, understanding, practices and frameworks to effectively carry out agile business analysis in organisations operating at scale.

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Workshop content:

  • Transformation context
    • Why are organisations moving so quickly towards agile, lean-agile and devOps?
    • The challenge and opportunity for business analysts
  • Context: Waterfall, agile, lean-agile and devOps
    • Value proposition – agile
    • Predictive versus adaptive project approaches
    • How agile deals with complexity
    • Agile manifesto and principles (brief survey)
      • adjustments to operate agile at scale
    • Mind set and practices – leading with cultural change
    • Concept: framework thinking
    • Concept: Joint Accountability and Peer Accountability
    • Communities in agile and their different approaches
      • Original agile
      • Scaled agile
      • DevOps
  • How agile works
    • Scrum – overview
    • Lean-agile (SAFe®) overview
    • Iron triangle (performance baseline) effects from agile
    • Managing Variable Scope  - inspection and adaption
    • Concept: Self-organising and autonomous engineering teams
    • Concept: Doing the least work possible
    • Concept: Shaping and Engineering demarcations
    • Definition of READY
    • Definition of DONE
    • Key frameworks and techniques to be aware of and encourage
  • Business Analysis in an agile context
    • Hybrid agile (engineering only) compared to fully agile (both shaping and engineering)
    • The Business Analysis role in a hybrid (project funded) agile environment
    • The Business Analysis role in a fully agile (product funded) agile environment
    • Minimum Viable Product – deep dive
    • Behavioural-Driven-development – deep dive
    • Test driven development
    • Intentional and Emergent Design
    • The critical importance of getting work READY
    • Business Analysis in agile
      • New ways of describing work and delivering work
        • Concept: Key deliverables compared to supporting documents
      • Requirements management
      • Work specification
      • Stakeholder Engagement
      • Working across multiple agile teams
      • Communications
      • Risks, issues and decisions
      • Value realisation
    • How Business Analysts can help in transforming the organisation
Sunday, February 4, 2018 - 19:58