The Transformational Imperative

It is no secret that -  to a lesser or greater extent - every organisation is threatened by technology enabled digital disruption

This disruption is not limited to the competitive landscape for our products and services, it also reaches deep inside; because in the face of transformation by our competitors, and the growth and local regionalisation of marquee brands, our ability to retain highly skilled and mobile knowledge workers is equally impacted.

To successfully navigate through the 2020s, we know that the answer must be to transform our own organisations, at a pace that is at least as fast as those organisations against whom we must compete;  to win and hold - not only customers - but also talent.

At Visionate we offer a wide range of practical, specific and targeted training and coaching approaches for organisations moving into or through transformation,  designed to help you to most effectively implement change. Our approach is based on globally referenced best practices in agile, lean-agile, and devOps which have been proven and refined through direct experience gained in the trenches. Wherever you are on your timeline, we have referenced collateral, training, and coaching that can assist you in being Better Faster in transforming your organisation into a Corporation of the 2020’s.

For more about Visionate, you can check out our training and coaching offerings in the submenu, or you can contact us at or simply give our chief coach, Pete, a call on +64 21 186 8664

Concerned about pace or outcomes?

agile/devOps efforts not moving ahead smoothly, or just finding it difficult to get going?

Doing business at scale requires insights and judgement beyond what a small and simple organisation can get away with.  For complex organisations, we have the genuine experience and expertise to help initiate or re-baseline and accelerate your agile and devOps programs.

We are not an agile and devOps training company, we are seasoned practitioners in agile and devOps at scale, with training programmes targeted pragmatically for transformation.  We understand your challenges and can assist you with addressing them.

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There are three levers for transformation, but they must be pulled in the right order

In making transformation of our organisations we have three levers to pull; structure, technology and culture. Each lever has its own benefits and effects, but if we pull them in the wrong order we run the risk of not just being ineffective, but actually going backwards. 

This is not theory, there is recent empirical evidence of companies degrading performance instead of enhancing it by moving transformation in the wrong order; some to the extent where shareholder value has been completely destroyed through single incidents of failure brought about by the wrong focus.

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